Over the course of more than two decades I have represented almost every major line of professional vehicles.  My allegiance to any one manufacturer has been dependent less on their marketing slogans and more on results.  These results of quality or lack thereof has evolved along with my representing any particular line.

I have witnessed a tangible difference between corporate and family owned and operated funeral establishments.  My experience with corporate verses family owned and operated professional vehicle manufacturers reflects this same analogy.  I find it gratifying to represent the Kellerman family owned and operated manufactured lines of professional vehicles!  This is a family that prioritizes its end user’s satisfaction and employee's welfare above profit margins alone.  These priorities are reflected in the long and unprecedented retention of a highly qualified, experienced workforce; not to mention a long list of satisfied end users.  With in-house control of their own production molds, upholstery and woodworking shops; Platinum Coach, MK Coach and K2 Vehicles are not at the mercy of inconsistencies due to workforce rollover and outsourcing.

I hope this site will be of assistance, providing you with the type of comprehensive information you require when considering your next Professional Vehicle purchase. I will make it my personal goal to warrant your patronage.

If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to call.  In any case, I welcome any suggestions or recommendations that can enable me to serve you better.

David Schaffner

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